5 ways OneNote will help you have a more organised life

5 ways OneNote will help you have a more organised life

To get more done in your business, you and your team need to be highly organised, and have systems to leverage information.

How do you handle and organise huge volumes of information? 

There’s a perfect tool for this – and you probably already have it.

OneNote from Microsoft is part of the powerful and popular Office 365 suite. It’s a great bit of software.

There are lots of nice of features. But think of it simply as your single place to store and organise all of the information you need to win at business.  

Even better, if your business uses Office 365, it’s already included for free within your subscription.  

It’s definitely worth looking into. Because OneNote could transform the way you and your team works, for the better.  

We’ve created a short video that explains 5 reasons why we love OneNote. It’s only a minute or so long and could make you more productive in the future   


Click HERE to watch this video now 


PS any time we can help you set up any software, just give the helpdesk a quick call 😊



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