BA "surprised and disappointed"​ with £183 Million fine

BA "surprised and disappointed"​ with £183 Million fine

Why though? It could have easily been a £500 million fine!

Were the board of BA sleeping through the potential criminal liability, 4% of global turnover GDPR briefings?

I expect they are awake now. Probably busy updating their CVs...

Yes, I know that no planes fell from the sky with Y2K and sometimes the IT sector may try to sell you stuff you're not sure you really need. But don’t let ignorance cost you your business.

FACTS: 55% of UK business suffered a cyber-crime in 2018. Most remain blissfully unaware.

A data war is most definitely raging and businesses have 2 simple options:

Stop using IT in your business or make sure you viably secure it.

Don’t say you are “surprised and disappointed”. Don’t say ‘we had another power surge’.

The truth is, you didn’t think it would happen to you. You took a punt and you ignored expert advice.

You got it wrong again!

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