Do You use Two-Step Verification for Gmail?

Do You use Two-Step Verification for Gmail?

It’s 2018, by now most of us realise the importance of cyber security, whether it’s anti-virus, sensitive browsing, backing up data or making sure that our online accounts are safe with sufficient passwords. However, it has been revealed by a Google software engineer, that 90% of active Gmail users aren’t using the Two-step Verification available and therefore aren’t as protected as they could be.

Two-step Verification requires a password to the account, as normal, but also a secondary source to verify that you are trying to access your own account. Most commonly, this is usually your phone via text or voice call, but verification can also be made by the mobile app or a security key. On regular devices such as your personal computer, you can choose to not use Two-step Verification to save time, from then onwards you will only be required to enter your password – but if anyone else tries to access your account from a different device, the 2-Step Verification will be required.

By enabling the Two-step Verification, you are adding an extra layer of security to your account – so even if someone is able to guess your password, they will be unable to use your phone or Security Key to gain further access to your account.

We’ve all heard of the consequences to a hacked account, whether it’s deletion of data such as emails, contacts and photos, identity theft using your email to sign up to products/services or to gain access to your other accounts online that include banking, shopping, gaming etc.

Google have stated that you are at a higher risk of having passwords stolen if you:

  • Use the same password on multiple sites
  • Download software from the internet
  • Click on links in email messages.

Give yourself a second layer of security with the Two-step Verification.

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