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Don’t let technology hold you back in 2018!

For some businesses, it appears that each new year continues seamlessly and this is down to their investment in sophisticated information technologies to keep their business continuously innovative and efficiently running.

However, for businesses that are stuck in time-consuming processes and older systems, the new year can seem anything but seamless. Small changes cannot only improve efficiencies in your business but make you a more attractive employer offering more flexibility to staff.  Here are some ideas on how you can ensure your growing business can continue to innovate and flourish along with your growing consumers.

Efficiency of the future, anywhere, anytime

Eliminate the cost and time used for hardware and software – think about the Cloud. The Cloud computing services elastically work to the size of your business, giving you the right amount of IT resources you need, with the ability to increase alongside your business growth. By using the Cloud you can share operational data in real-time, allowing you to serve customers faster and more reliably.

The Cloud can completely transform how your business and employees operate with software that allows you (and all employees) to work anywhere at any time on any device. However, you access your systems, you are provided with a seamless experience that is secure for both the business and your customers. The Cloud is a perfect solution, designed to fit your needs at present as well as adapting to your business growth.


Technology has freed businesses from the restrictions of print when you’re thinking of reaching out to old or new customers. With websites, bespoke emails, search engine optimization, and social media, you can communicate with customers from the comfort of your desk – without the cost or time consumption of printed materials.

Communication on the go

You no longer have to charge up your laptop before you go anywhere, just to be able to access your emails, they’re all on the smartphone in your pocket! Such devices are a lifeline for responding to customer enquiries in a timely manner, whilst on the go and not to forget, smartphones allow you to access some business applications – so take advantage where you can with this mobile computer and improve efficiencies and staff flexibility!

Customer Service

Technology doesn’t have to be a barrier, it can bring you closer to your customers and allow you to hear what they have to say about your service. Customers like a choice in ways to contact the business, whether it’s by phone, email, or web contact form - and it’s important that employees are trained in the correct customer service techniques and how to use the technology to improve efficiency and the customer ratings themselves.


Traveling to meetings takes time and that means less time working, with technological advancement in recent years you can teleconference from the comfort of your desk! With webcams and audio, you will be able to communicate, discuss or take a look at documents within a meeting – no matter where you are in the world. A brilliant solution if you have or you are wanting to reach global customers.

So maybe it's time to make 2018 the year to invest and improve efficiencies?

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