Forgot your password? Don’t worry 2 million people can tell you what it is…

Forgot your password? Don’t worry 2 million people can tell you what it is…

I find SME data security, like watching a child cross a busy motorway.


“We have anti-virus on every PC... I think?”


If you think that Cyber Criminals won’t target you, you're 100% wrong!  You very likely have already been compromised and criminals will get around to extracting your money very soon.


“IT Marketing Hype”, I hear you say. “Scare tactics”


If I tell you your password would you change your mind? Well, test me!


It’s probably for sale on the dark web right now, Contact Us and  I will check and send you a report free of charge.


Most SME’s are simply not investing in the 4 most high-risk areas and whilst security experts will dispute the order they will all agree that Malware protection alone is now a woefully inadequate approach.


81% of serious data breaches involve compromised passwords. 90% of data breaches were avoidable had user awareness and training been better.


In 2019 we are seeing almost as many businesses fail because of data security issues than poor sales.


If you have concerns why not take advantage of some of the  FREE grants available in the UK to assess your data security. Most police forces and local governments have cyber awareness initiatives that we can help you access.


Get in touch at or 01582 935070




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