Is BYOD Putting Your Business At Risk?

Is BYOD Putting Your Business At Risk?

Are you operating a BYOD scheme in your business?




It stands for Bring Your Own Device. And it’s where you encourage your staff to use their own mobiles, iPads and laptops to do work for you.


It’s very common. And no wonder. It cuts back on your costs and allows staff to be extra productive. 


But there is a downside to BYOD too, and that could mean serious trouble for your business. With millions of phones going missing every year, just think about how much of your data could be compromised if an employee leaves their mobile on the train midway through a work email…


If your data ends up in the wrong hands you’re looking at lost money, reputation and even your business.


Yes, it can be that dramatic. There are new data laws starting in May. In that exact circumstance it could result in a big fine, and public humiliation in the form of a telling off from the regulator. Which will be attached to your business’s name online forever…


Our boffins have been studying BYOD. And they’ve written a brand new guide.


It takes you through the good, the bad and the ugly of BYOD and tells you how to keep your business safe.


An empowered and happy workforce using their own devices is a wonderful thing. Don’t let a lackadaisical approach to data security put it at risk.


Click Here To Get Your Copy. 

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