Is Your IT Sick Because Of Covid19 – Is AI The Answer?

Is Your IT Sick Because Of Covid19 – Is AI The Answer?

In an insane world, it’s the sanest choice – Sarah Conor in Terminator 2 could not have put it better.  

Unfortunately, Covid19 has exposed many IT networks that maintain a fundamental reliance on people.  Some may fear AI but if you want some jobs done faster and better than a human you need to be leveraging AI.  IT systems are exposed to constant change and in the current threat, the environment requires real-time monitoring, maintenance, and management.   If this is not being done well 24/7/365 risk and exposure to downtime and data loss go up significantly.  Human error is the fundamental component for 80% of all successful cyber-attacks.

Total Group were early adopters of AI and software automation and very quickly witnessed the compelling benefits.   Very simply using AI our engineering oversights and network risks plummeted and user productivity and uptime soared. Our end-user ticket numbers are now 60% less than the industry average and the IT systems we manage benchmark in the top 1u% on risk and uptime per £ invested. 

If you still have humans at the heart of your IT security than you’re a step behind the criminals who are already extensively using AI and automation to attack you. 

We know that for many of the common tasks our AI performs it is very literally a million times better than we can achieve with an engineer.

  • When our client's backups fail at 2 am on a Saturday morning our AI has fixed it and restarted the backup by 02.01
  • When a critical update is released we know it’s on every machine that night and the AI does not stop till it is.
  • Our clients do a full DR test every night at 0200 (industry average once every 3 years) and we can watch a video of the backup servers spinning up if we like.
  • Our servers and desktops never run out of disk space never have critical events outstanding
  • If a PC or server has an error event linked to update or patch resolution is automated.

Our networks run event-free and if the AI cannot fix a problem than it wakes up a human and tells them exactly what is up.

To have a “better, faster, stronger” IT won’t cost you $6 million dollars, at Total Group our AI-powered system start from as little as £5 per device per month.  

Liberate your IT resources to focus on people and profits and let AI do the donkey work.


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