IT and the Recruitment Industry - How to stay ahead

IT and the Recruitment Industry - How to stay ahead

Like many industries, the use of IT in the recruitment sector has had a profound impact on access to information, connectivity, and increased flexibility.  But as quickly as technology is transforming the way in which recruiters’ source, interview and learn about candidates, some recruitment companies are missing out on the latest technology trends.

Here’s some advice on how to use IT in the recruitment industry to stay ahead of the game.

Recruit from anywhere with the cloud

Cloud-based solutions are one of the top technology trends of today, and the recruitment sector can benefit in many ways.

It can, for example, allow recruiters to access key information about candidates from a singular source, saving time and avoiding duplication. 

Another benefit of the cloud is the ability to work remotely.  Recruiters no longer need to be tied to the standard 9 to 5 office hours.  Instead, they can work from home, a co-working space, or even from a local café. 

In fact, new research suggests that one in 10 adults engaged in gig economy work in 2019.  These groups of people will likely appreciate greater flexibility when job hunting, and may take preference for recruitment agencies which have these options.

Cut interview time with Microsoft Teams

The traditional interview process takes time, and recruiters realise this more than anyone else. 

Introducing Microsoft Teams, one of Office 365s most valuable time-saving tool for recruitment businesses.  Its video conferencing, file sharing and collaborative features streamline the hiring process. 

In fact, incorporating Teams adds several benefits to recruiters including:

  • Bespoke security setups to protect candidate information
  • Watch interviews multiple times so you never miss a thing
  • Interview from any device and on the go
  • Create groups so other people can discuss the position

Overall, Microsoft Teams benefits both recruiters and candidates by taking away the slow nature of physical interviews and adding additional collaborative and security features.  

Invest in Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based platform that brings together customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP), along with productivity applications and AI solutions.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Recruiting supplies many benefits for recruiters including:

  • Vacancy templates which can be used to create job adverts more efficiently
  • Finding, interviewing and hiring the right people is quicker with native LinkedIn integration
  • Ability to view the process every step of the way via relevant charts
  • Glance at the required skill of applicants via Skill Ratings

To find out more about how the recruitment features of Dynamics HR management can help your business click here:

Consider investing in AI recruitment technology

Recruiters are constantly looking to speed up their processes in order to find the most suitable candidates, and AI technology can help with this in a number of ways. 

One method known as programmatic job advertising takes the decision out of human hands by using complex algorithms to place job ads in the most strategic places. 

The algorithm looks at market data and an employer’s historical ad tracking to find out how each ad will perform.  In an attempt to reach the most relevant candidates for the job, the ad is strategically placed on the best website at the right time. 

Another AI solution suited to the recruitment sector, chatbots have enabled recruiters to screen out unsuitable candidates in early assessment and pre-screening interviews. TalkPush, a Recruitment Automation Platform pushes the boundaries between machine and human by providing potential candidates with human-sounding text conversations.         

Be on top of security and GDPR   

Due to the amount of details recruitment companies usually store about candidates such as the person’s name, phone number, email address and photos, they need to be especially aware of GDPR.  They also need to have sufficient security in place to protect against data breaches. 

Although many potential candidates post their information online to places such as job boards, LinkedIn and recruitment agency sites, this doesn’t automatically allow recruiters to share or store that information.  In order to obtain permission, companies will need to ensure the information-giver knows:

  • What their personal data will be used for
  • Who it will be shared with
  • Where it will be stored
  • How long it will be stored for

To find more guidance on how to stay GDPR compliant, visit

To conclude, there are many ways the recruitment industry can make the most of today’s IT advances. Cloud solutions allow recruiters to work from anywhere at any time, and increasingly human-like chatbots can save time by screening out candidates automatically.  Information obtained from candidates needs to be protected from cyber-attacks and staying GDPR compliant is a must. 

Are you ready to find the right cloud solution for your recruitment business?  Total Group provides a range of options from scalable Cloud Servers to advice on making the most of Office 365.  Contact our experts today and we’ll help your business transform.   

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