Returning To Work and The Future Of Key Data Security Products.

Returning To Work and The Future Of Key Data Security Products.

An employee bringing Covid19 back to your office probably won’t end your business but them bringing malware back to the office easily could.

Covid19 and the mass migration to prolonged home working have undermined the historical approach to IT security.  In the rush to work from home very few businesses prioritised risk mitigation and the criminals have certainly been making hay with a 400% increase in cyber-crime since the start of the Covid19 outbreak.

Many devices have had no security patching, AV scrutiny, AV updates, and have operated on the internet without the protection of a business-grade firewall for many months. Users are now going to come back and plug these back inside your firewall.

The trojan horse is now inside the city gates.

Before returning to work companies should ensure that all devices are assessed for patch and AV status.  Machines that are out of date should be updated before they are permitted back.

Perimeter-less fewer firewalls and cloud-managed patching dece endpoint security is needed to ensure that your users and devices can be used ubiquitously from anywhere without degradation of key security provisions.

The security needs to move with the device.

Essentials from £5 per user per month

We can install essentials and patch and scan devices prior to return to the premise.

Decentralising key security provisions in favour of cloud-based anywhere protection will have to be adopted by everyone.

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