When is the Time to Upgrade to a Managed Cloud Service?

When is the Time to Upgrade to a Managed Cloud Service?

The timing of business decisions is just as important as the reasoning and cost. You don't want to do it too early and waste money but doing it too late will boost errors and total costs. Here are five indicators that it may be time to upgrade to managed cloud services. 

You’re new to cloud systems 

Many business owners don't realize the ongoing management of cloud systems is required. They expect to integrate the systems into their workflow, improve efficiency and that's what they want. When you're only starting out with cloud systems, considering managed cloud services is a smart idea to ensure they operate efficiently and securely. 

You have security concerns 

Digital security is a comprehensible problem for organizations these days. If digital security is your company's main concern, it's probably about time to hire some tech experts to track it for you. Although cloud systems are highly secure within themselves, cloud services that are managed run routine security checks to enhance your peace of mind. 

Your business is growing quickly 

Cloud systems are perfect for businesses growing rapidly, as they require scalability. One of the challenges of rising quickly is to put on the right people to help you succeed. You can bypass the time-sensitive interview process with an in-house team of controlled cloud services, and go straight to a team of experts ready to help you develop. 

You have many remote workers 

Working from home, on job sites or even on the road is growing with digital devices making it easier to do so. More remote staff means less safe connections to the network, too. Managed cloud services will ensure your systems are secure and ensure that they always run smoothly for maximum collaboration between remote teams. 

You lack the budget for a full in-house tech team 

As your company grows and its tech needs increase, you may have considered hiring an in-house tech team. But with only a small budget to allocate to tech, it’s a project that is going to have to wait. You can gain cost-effective professional support by managed cloud services rather than placing the software management on the back burner. Your operated cloud business must ensure that its employees receive the most up-to - date training on new technologies, at no extra expense. 

Talk to Total Group when it’s time for managed cloud 

Whenever the business is ready to migrate to managed cloud services, Total Group is here to help with a smooth transition. For more information on our managed IT solutions, please call 01727 881 224 or email us online. 

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