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Manufacturing Bespoke Solutions? 

Total Group specialise in delivering high speed networks and internet where other solutions simply cannot. 

We provide custom wireless networks under brand Wow Wi-Fi, see:

We manufacture bespoke power, data and enclosure solutions tailored to the deployment required. 

We can leverage renewable generation with the latest charging and battery technology. We can combine these with wireless, point to point, mesh and mobile data radios to achieve the optimum solution.

Many of the leading off the shelf solutions are not suitable for permanent outside or non-mains use.  Total Group provide custom enclosure and power fabrications to suit your requirements.  We can also combine radios from multiple manufacturers and centrally manage on our custom cloud controllers.

If its complex and you have been told it cannot be done, we can help.

If you cannot find a viable solution try wow Wi-Fi.

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Realign valuable resources to focus on expanding and developing your business.

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Identify potential issues before they become a problem. Avoid downtime and experience an efficient network.

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Enjoy the benefits of on hand IT support and just pay for on-site support when you need to.

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Protect your business with our robust managed anti-virus solution.

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