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Weekly Tech Tips

TechTip: Data security during home working

Working from home can make your business more exposed to a potential cyber-attack. Because sometimes our home Wi-Fi isn’t as secure as business connections can be. Here’s a clever way to keep your business safe, no matter who’s working where…

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TechTip: Home workers are the new target

With your team working from home, all on different Wi-Fi connections and with other people using their devices, good cyber security is a lot harder. Here are 3 ways to protect your business while your team WFH.

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TechTip: Boss, I need a new laptop

If a member of your team tells you they need a new laptop or other device because they’ve lost it, don’t just think about the cost. You’ve also got to consider the data security of the lost device. Here are a few key questions you must ask yourself…

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TechTip: A type of insurance your business WILL claim on

There’s a type of technology insurance that your business WILL claim on, at some point. Yet it’s estimated that 50% of businesses don’t even have it. What is it? Find out in our new video.

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TechTip: What do you do when your IT network goes down?

It’s so frustrating when your IT gets in the way of important work that needs to be done. And it’s why we take a preventative approach to our clients’ IT. It’s an important part of our partnership. Here’s what we do and how we do it.

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TechTip: The simple security step that protects your business

Cybercrime is so big now, it's a matter of when not if your business will be affected. Strong passwords are a good line of defence. But many passwords can be cracked by automated bots. Here's something that makes your password considerably stronger, and gives your business even more protection.

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