IT Security

IT Security

Don’t put your business at risk, let us shut the door and bolt it!

How would a significant data loss affect your business? A high percentage of organisations who suffer significant data loss will struggle or cease to trade within 18 months – Scary isn’t it.

Protecting your irreplaceable business data is now one of the single biggest challenges facing small businesses. If your organisation connects to the internet, there is a chance that a gap(s) exists in your defences, exposing critical and sensitive data. Viruses, hacker attacks and other cyber threats are now a part of daily life and your computer network is open to intrusion unless you secure it.

Total Group provides a range of data protection services to address these needs by analysing your vulnerabilities and making provision for tackling the key pillars of data protection and security:

We incorporate cutting edge security solutions into our Fully Managed Services to ensure a bullet proof tailored fit for your Business

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