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Fireware XTM is the robust operating system that forms the backbone of the award-winning family of WatchGuard security solutions. With this newest release of our OS, WatchGuard adds even greater levels of security, efficiency, performance, and reliability to our products. Fireware XTM capabilities ensure your network has the protection, speed, and agility it needs to keep your business in business.

Every WatchGuard® Firebox® X appliance now comes with a new OS that delivers even greater security, including HTTPS content inspection and VoIP support. With advanced networking features and easy-to-use management tools – all at a very affordable price.

Find out how get to the power of red protecting your network.

Fireware XTM Features:

HTTPS Inspection - Full inbound and outbound HTTPS inspection closes the loophole that other security products leave wide open.

Application Blocking - Application blocking enhancements control IM and P2P usage to increase both security and productivity.

VoIP Security - Call setup security for VoIP means you don’t have to "wire around the firewall" to take advantage of the big cost savings VoIP can generate.

Privilege-Based Roles - Role-based Access Control (RBAC) lets an organisation delegate privileges based on role. Use pre-defined roles with privilege sets or create custom roles.

3 Management Interfaces - Now there are three ways to manage your WatchGuard appliance including, WatchGuard System Manager, the command line interface and a web UI for access from anywhere, anytime.

Multi-box Management - Multi-box management allows updates to be pushed to multiple devices at one time to save time and align security policies across the organisation.

XTM 11.6 release!!

WatchGuard Fireware XTM – Making Policy Easy with Superior Manageability

            Fireware XTM 11.6, which will be available for all WatchGuard XTM models, delivers the following key enhancements:

  • Simple definition of user rules in Citrix and Terminal Services. Fireware XTM 11.6 has been updated to provide single sign-on so that users coming through Citrix XenApp or Microsoft Terminal Services environments don’t require any additional authentication steps.
  • Authentication improvements. WatchGuard user authentication page has also been updated to support smart phones (Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile), enabling mobile users to be identified for use in policy management and reporting.
  • Updated in the cloud services. Reputation Enabled Defense, the powerful cloud-based URL reputation service that protects web users from malicious web pages, has been updated to include new phishing and malware information feeds from PhishTank and Malware Domain List.
  • Scalability and performance. Firewall throughput has been increased on all XTM 5 and 8 Series models, by as much as 50 percent in some cases.
  • Compliance reporting in Report Manager. Report Manager has been updated to include a dashboard and a single set of reports for both PCI and HIPAA. It now provides easy one-click access to information needed for compliance requirements.
  • Increased VLANs. The number of VLANs on XTM 3, 5, and 8 Series platforms has been increased.
  • VPN diagnosis improvements. Fireware XTM 11.6 provides new diagnostic capabilities that help users to troubleshoot VPN interoperability and connectivity issues.
  • Preview of policy enhancements. Fireware XTM 11.6 introduces new tools to help simplify the understanding and maintenance of policies as defined on the firewall.
  • On-line Policy Checker. Helps to quickly simulate and understand how traffic is handled through the firewall. Users can enter IP address and port combinations to determine which firewall rule is triggered and whether traffic will be allowed.
  • Graphical representation and print option for configuration. Easy-to-read and simple-to-print policy view of the Fireware XTM configuration is useful for sharing with management.
  • LDAP: Test and diagnose Active Directory and LDAP connections and verify group membership information.

Additional enhancements also include:

  • User authentication auto redirect page can be configured to point to a specified hostname, enabling customers to use commercial CA signed certificates for users.
  • WebBlocker URL database updates are scheduled to occur automatically every 24 hours, avoiding the need to set up a scheduled task.
  • IPSec Pass-through works with Static NAT, enabling branch office tunnels to be built from remote sites to routers behind the WatchGuard firewall.    


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