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What's The Best Way To Choose An IT Support Company?

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Outsourced IT companies, they’re everywhere ! But how do you know if they’re any good? Where do you even start when choosing one that will be perfect for your business, Does one size really fit all?

There’s no doubt that to efficiently run your business you’re going to need help in this area so we’ve put together our best advice when interviewing prospective IT companies.


Local Is ideal

There are some great companies out there but, in our experience, choosing one that is local to your head office makes the best sense. Although 90% of issues can be resolved remotely its so handy for them to be able to pop in within the hour should an onsite visit be required. For example if your router fails and needs replacing, a company situated some distance away could take a few days to get this resolved.

Being local also helps them to feel part of your team.


How Fast Can They Respond?

Every second that your computer system is under performing will cost you time and money. A survey conducted by Beaming found that in 2016 alone, downtime cost UK businesses in excess of £7 billion.

Most Managed service providers will have service level agreement (SLA) attached to their contracts. Ask to see this and consider whether their response times are acceptable to you. How consistently do they meet their SLA’s? What compensation (if any) is there if they perform below par?

It’s important not just to be guided by fast response times though, you also need to consider…


Are They Proactive?

It’s quite common for companies to ask ‘What are we paying you for you’re hardly here these days?’

But the reality is, that is exactly what you want. You don’t want an IT support company that just fixes problems – you want a partner that prevents them. A critical role of a managed service provider (IT Company) is to spend more time invested in proactive rather than reactive work.

Real experts work quietly in the background; monitoring, maintaining and updating. If they’re doing their job well; you shouldn’t really have to see them at all.

Look out for companies that have invested heavily in Remote monitoring tools and management software that is tracking your systems and any suspicious activity 24/7/365


Are They Security Focused?

These days cyber crime is the biggest threat to businesses and with GDPR regulations upping the ante too, data security and robust cyber protection is more important than ever before.

Your prospective IT company should insist you to take every precaution possible against the threats of cyber attacks and data loss.

A disaster recovery plan should be paramount in your discussions


What Will It Cost?

Obviously, cost will be a major consideration when choosing an IT provider but make sure you are comparing apples with apples.

Some providers will claim to charge a flat fee only for you to discover multiple issues that ‘aren’t included’. Make sure you have a comprehensive list of the services that are included, what security products/services required that are in ‘addition’. What is ‘free’ and for how long for.

Does the package suit your needs?  don’t pay extra for out of hours support you don’t need.



Partnering with the perfect IT managed service or IT support company can be instrumental in the success of your business. IT companies come and go so it’s important to do your homework before trusting them with your network infrastructure.

Total Group have been providing IT support for nearly 20 years and still have the same owners at the helm – that’s no mean feat. There’s not many issues we haven’t come across!

You can count on our team to look after your IT requirements today and into the future.


Contact us if you are looking for an IT Support Company or Managed Service Provider. We'd be delighted to help.

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