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3 Disaster Recovery Myths, Debunked

Disaster recovery (DR) has become more efficient and affordable than ever, with advances in cloud computing. But many business owners still cling to certain DR myths which can be safely ignored. Here are three of those myths and the better the sooner you stop believing them.

Myth 1: Tape backups are the best DR solution

Tape backups are physical objects that progressively deteriorate. Try listening to a nineties cassette tape. Its sound may already be distorted, or it probably isn't working at all. Your tape backups will also begin to fail as the years pass. Only a few files will be affected at first but you may lose all your data gradually.

It is also common practice to store another set of tape backups outside of your premises to ensure they are safe in the event of a natural disaster affecting your office. However, if your storage spaces are unsafe from natural disasters themselves, that could pose a problem.

Cloud-based backups are safe from deterioration, in contrast to tape backups. They are also stored in multiple secure locations that are protected against natural disasters. This means the backups of your data are as safe as they can be.

What's more, there are several ways cloud-based backups save you time. Data is automatically backed up online, so you don't need to copy the information to your tapes manually. You won't also need to manage tapes boxes, freeing you to concentrate on your assigned tasks.

Myth 2: The RTOs you want is too expensive

Recovery time objectives (RTOs) are essential to any DR plan, or the ideal length of time required to get everything up and running again to avoid serious losses. Before the cloud, a “ swift ”recovery time would take days and cost up to six figures.

Cloud solutions and virtualization have made that much more affordable and faster than ever before. Most DR providers can back up your critical information within an hour or two. And if you've ever needed data recovery, most services can do that in less than a day.

Myth 3: Disaster recovery is for big businesses, not SMBs

Due to the astronomical costs previously associated with DR, only big businesses would be able to afford solutions for backup and recovery. But now the cloud has made these valuable services affordable for SMEs (SMEs). SMBs can now take advantage of the best DR solutions on the market from the dental offices to small retail operations. Advances in IT and cloud have also removed the barriers of complexity, costs, and inadequate IT resources.

We hope you'd be persuaded to implement a disaster recovery plan (DRP) for your business by dispelling those myths. Not only is a DRP necessary for the continuity of your business, but one is also more affordable and more efficient than ever. If you want to learn how our solutions for recovery from disasters can safeguard your business, send us a message and we'll fill you in.


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