GDPR - Why You Need To Be Compliant


The GDPR legislation has been developed to tackle both cybercrime issues and data security, including new regulations around what records a company can retain and process. You will have seen from the press recently that security in all aspects is a huge issue, with even large corporates such as banks falling victim to IT cyber-attacks including ransomware or malware that leads to businesses losing time and continuity, whilst putting customer data at high risk.

Failure to comply means your customers will be forced to exclude you from trading and/or face fines of up to €20 million or 4% of worldwide turnover.

We’ve written a full guide to give you the full details. It’s totally free. And we’ve written it in human, not “law speak”.

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Cyber Essentials Compliance

These are crucial IT and security measures to protect your data.  We can offer full consultation on this matter.  With our inhouse expert, we will work with you to ensure you are ready for inspection by an auditor.  Ensuring you can illustrate consideration of all topical aspects including physical security, Firewalling, Antivirus, Real time monitoring and so much more. 

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Disaster Recovery

One area of significant importance is that of Disaster recovery.  Many businesses plan with backups and anti-virus for attacks – which could leave your business at risk of up to 5 days without trading whilst the backup is restored.  This puts your data and continuity of your business at considerable risk.

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Fast Recovery

No more tape drives and long restores.

Fully Managed

We monitor the process and perform regular test restores.

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One low cost per protected server per month.

Peace Of Mind

Restore your network super fast in event of disaster.


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