Hertfordshire County Council

Hybrid Cloud Solution  

About Hertfordshire County Council 

With a commitment to serving nearly 1.2 million residents, Hertfordshire County Council manages an impressive annual net revenue budget of approximately £818 million. Beyond the numbers, the heart of their operation lies in their dedicated staff of 8,000, who deliver essential services across the community, ensuring every resident benefits from their tireless efforts and dedication. 

The Challenge 

Hertfordshire County Council required an efficient IT solution to support its extensive operations and volume of staff. They needed a hybrid cloud solution integrated with existing help desk services for user-level 3 engineering and above, as well as server-level IT management. The council aimed to replace some in-house servers, including active directories, and synchronise directories to Microsoft Azure. 

What we did

Total Group provided exactly that. We designed, installed, managed, and supported the new environment, ensuring a seamless migration and transition to new cloud services. Additionally, we assisted internal teams with the end-user journey, ensuring minimal disruption during the process. 

Technologies Deployed: New server environment including backup and dual on-premise and cloud disaster recovery integration with Office365. 

The Results 

Total Group's hybrid cloud solution significantly upgraded Hertfordshire County Council's IT operations. The integration not only boosted efficiency and productivity but also did so without causing any disruptions. The transition was smooth and seamless, going unnoticed by users, thanks to our meticulous support of internal teams throughout the end-user journey.  

Enhanced data safety measures, including robust backup and disaster recovery solutions, were put in place, providing reliable and quick recovery options. The entire project was executed flawlessly, without any issues, ensuring a secure and efficient upgrade to the council's IT infrastructure. 

What Hertfordshire County Council Said

“Users were surprised that what had been hyped as a potentially disruptive, massive change took take place without them even noticing.”  

-John Jeffrey, Operations Director, Mace Group 

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