5 IT solutions to consider

The new year well underway and a wave of technology trends are shaping the digital landscape.  It’s gearing up to be the year of automation and flexible working, where the workplace becomes smarter, and 5G becomes meaningful at last. 

From artificial intelligence (AI) to a myriad of cloud-based solutions, there is something for every business to embrace.    

But what IT solutions should you be considering for your business?  We look at 5 emerging trends that you should probably be using.

1. Artificial intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence in business has been met with both fear and excitement, with some worrying its use will lead to mass unemployment.  But businesses are already enjoying the power AI solutions.

Textio, for example, is an augmented writing software where rough ideas are transformed into meaningful language. 

Recruiters can particularly benefit from this software by predicting how written text can produce a more qualified candidate pool.  By typing just a few words, the software turns ideas into powerful content.  A hiring score is then calculated, which compares what you’ve written to your competitors and suggests improvements.

Other AI solutions making waves include DeliveryBot, an indoor delivery robot that can adapt to any indoor environment and Syniverse, who are offering early access to its AI-powered chatbot builders to deliver Rich Business Messaging. 

2. 5G

Fifth-generation wireless technology (5G) will unlock new possibilities and its low latency capability will be revolutionary for augmented reality (AR).  Technicians can use AR to diagnose problems remotely from a central location, creating a more mobile workplace.

In a broader sense, 5G will provide HD video calls with zero latency, real-time collaboration, and near-instant downloads and uploads of files.  It will enable innovative business models that are yet to be fully envisioned. 

IT decision-makers will need to test their devices to see if they are compatible with 5G, but specific information is limited right now.  Cybersecurity also needs to be evaluated, as devices can be exploited as soon as they’re connected to the internet.   

3. Multicloud

You might only just be getting to grips with the cloud, but companies are already investing in multi-cloud services, where multiple connected cloud services are providing flexibility, reduced costs, targeted business objectives, and scalability.

In fact, analysis from IT trade association CompTIA shows that 83% of companies have already moved either infrastructure or applications to a second cloud provider. 

When a company uses a single cloud service provider, they’ll often find that only parts of the services meet their business needs.  With multi-cloud, a company can meet the specific needs of an individual application or service more easily.     

4. Internet of Things

Would you like to make your workplace smarter and your employees happier?  Internet of Things (IoT) takes everyday objects and devices and allows them to talk to the internet.  This brings a range of benefits including improved communication, the ability to measure productivity by using real-time data, and automation of simple tasks. 

But what kind of devices can become IoT?  Some of the uses include:

  • Smart AC – No more arguing over the air-con temperature. With Google’s Nest Thermostat, the device does the thinking!  
  • Alexa for Business – The intelligent assistant can help employees be more productive in meeting rooms and at their desks.
  • Office robots – Robots have been found in the manufacturing and engineering sectors for many years now, but they might soon be making their way to the office. Softbank's Pepper robot, for example, can greet guests at hotels and conferences.

5. Virtual reality

It may be difficult at first to see practical and cost-effective ways of introducing virtual reality (VR) into your workplace environment.  And although it’s just the beginning for VR, businesses have already been making the most of this exciting technology. 

These are some innovative VR solutions making waves in the business world:

  • Improved recruitment process – Imagine being able to conduct live, person-to-person interviews with candidates in different rooms or even different countries. Gaining a 360-degree view means you can make a character assessment as if they were in front of you.
  • Replace your desktop with VR goggles – Workers spend 67 days a year sitting at their desks. Replacing desktops with a VR solution can save money, reduce the need for physical space, improve staff wellbeing and more.
  • Virtual meetings - Video conferencing hasn’t yet replaced face-to-face meetings. But VR is starting to bridge the gap.  For example, MeetinVR allows co-workers to present products such as 3D models, prototypes and hold productive team-building exercises.  

The new decade will revolutionize the way we work with technology, from the flexibility of multi-cloud to the Internet of Things - creating a smarter, happier workplace.   

Are you ready to find the right IT solution for your business?  Total Group provides a range of options, from remote working solutions to advice on making the most of Office 365 and Teams.  Contact our experts today and we’ll help your business transform.     


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