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How do I access my FREE Network audit ?

Option 1: Save time and leave it to our experts

Let our experienced technicians take the reins so you can get on with other tasks. When the scan is complete our team will analyse the results and send you valuable insights. You’ll then get the option of talking directly with us to gain more depth and advice on what measures to take.

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Option 2: Download and run it yourself

We recommend you leave it to one of our trained experts to run the scan, but you can also request your IT Administrator to take the lead.

Get the Network Audit Tool only

Uncover security risks and inefficiencies with our privacy-first network audit tool.

No software installed

meaning your current IT provider never needs to know

No agents or probes

that lurk on your system for weeks on end.

Fast scan

with a mid-sized network only taking around 30 minutes to complete.

Flexible approach

let our experts run the scan or easily run it yourself

What are network security audits?

A network audit is a quick and simple way of uncovering hidden information. They can be used to identify security risks, compliance vulnerabilities, data loss and generally allow you to get more out of your technology infrastructure.

What will my network security tool check?


As well as inspecting servers, workstations, printers, and devices such as switches, routers, and printers – the tool will also check you don’t have any old, risk-prone computers connected to your network.


Discover systems with missing updates that leave you open to cyberattacks, and find out if local accounts contain weak passwords that could be easily hacked.

Configuration & Accessibility

Uncover security policy inconsistencies across your IT infrastructure, making compliance easier to manage. The tools will check that unauthorised systems and users are blocked from accessing restricted areas, and that content filtering for social media, illegal downloads, etc. has been configured correctly.

Security Risks

Assess what’s posing a security risk to your business, such as old user accounts that need disabling, exposed internal systems with open ports, and external threats that could result in data loss or unwanted business disruption.

What product will you use to run my scan ?

We use the industry-leading IT assessment tool - Network Detective by RapidFireTools, which has been used by thousands of managed service providers to generate meaningful reports.

Network Detective intelligently gathers a mountain of network information and saves it in a safely-encrypted file for our Data Protection Officer to securely examine.

This process will leave no "trace" of activity and has no known conflicts with security provisions or other applications.

Unsure what's best for your network?

Our team are happy to talk your requirements through. Give us a call on 01582 935070 or jump on a chat


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