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Trusted IT services for law firms

During our 20 years of experience, we’ve helped legal companies find clarity in a sea of technology choices. We provide enterprise-level IT solutions for law firms so they’re up to date on compliance, security, and data protection. Our remote working solutions allow your clients to receive a smooth communication experience wherever they’re located, and our range of file and data access options ensure fast and secure access to documents and files remotely.

Legal IT Support Benefits

Cyber Essentials

Reassure clients and assert your reputation by gaining a Cyber Essentials Certification.

GDPR experts

Our team ensure your IT systems are compliant with GDPR and we advise on how to prevent costly breaches.

Secure remote working

Stay connected with clients with our remote solutions, including fast and seamless Remote Desktop and trusted VPN.

Cloud for law firms

Our feature-rich cloud services such as Office 356, virtual desktop and hosted telephony services means less time spent on lengthy admin tasks.

Prevent cyber-attacks

We offer a range of cyber-security for law firms, from managed anti-virus to 24/7 remote monitoring to prevent phishing attempts, malware attacks and loss of data.

How do I become Cyber Essentials certified?

Having closely worked with the legal sector to provide tailor-made security solutions, we’ve gained a strong understanding of the cyber threats facing the industry. Our managed IT for law firms helps tick all the boxes you need for a Cyber Essentials certification. This not only provides a cost-effective way to protect your firm from 80% of common cyber-attacks, but also shows your business is trustworthy to potential customers.

How do you empower law firms to work remotely?

Remote working can reduce the stress that sometimes comes with working in the legal profession. We help prepare your law firm for long-term remote working by providing equipment and tools that are secure, efficient, and scalable. Our secure remote working solutions offer you the speed and reliability to ensure your client’s expectations are met, whilst providing your staff with up-to-date tools to work from anywhere.

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Find out how we can transform your IT

Whatever your IT requirements we can help.


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