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Penetration Testing

In the modern digital landscape, data breaches and cyber threats are becoming increasingly prevalent. For small to medium businesses (SMBs), the ramifications of a data breach can be particularly severe. This underscores the importance of independent penetration testing, a crucial step that goes beyond the capabilities of internal IT teams or outsourced IT solutions.

Why Perpetual Automated Network Penetration Tests are Essential for SMBs:

Flexibility and Timeliness

These platforms operate continuously, offering businesses timely assessments without the wait, and rapid generation of insightful reports.

Stay Informed with Real-time Notifications

As the penetration test progresses, real-time notifications keep key stakeholders informed, crucial for detecting potential vulnerabilities or threats.

In-depth Reporting

Prioritising quality and clarity, reports provide detailed insights, highlighting risks, comparing with industry standards, and tracking progress over time.

The Need for Independence in Cybersecurity:

GDPR mandates independent testing, emphasising that your own IT team cannot be viewed as truly independent. Boards, who bear the ultimate responsibility for data within the business, can only achieve genuine peace of mind through independent testing. Relying solely on internal teams poses a risk; they might be unaware of what they don't know, or if aware, might not highlight critical omissions.

Addressing the Growing Need for Cyber Security Services:

In response to the escalating demand for robust cyber security solutions, Total Group has partnered with leading providers using state-of-the-art automated network penetration test platforms. These platforms bridge the gap between the surging demand for cyber security services and the challenges of limited resources. By leveraging these platforms, SMBs can conduct comprehensive, automated network penetration tests at their convenience, ensuring they receive top-tier assessments in real-time, aligning with the current risk environment.

Beyond Annual Testing:

While annual testing meets certain contractual obligations and insurance policies, it does little to address real-time cyber risk. Knowing your network was secure six months ago doesn't reflect its current security status. Cyber threats evolve in real-time, as do networks. Total Group’s penetration testing and vulnerability assessments operate perpetually, with reports generated throughout the year, ensuring businesses stay updated with the ever-changing cyber landscape.

Comprehensive Testing with Total Group:

Total Group offers more than just a penetration test. We comprehensively test from the outside in, assessing vulnerabilities across the entire internal network. Companies can retest following IT changes and review improvements throughout the year as IT teams address issues. If you aim to improve, you need to measure consistently. Measuring your security posture just once a year is no longer suitable.

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