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We are committed to transforming outcomes for business owners, IT Teams and security professionals. Helping them simplify the deployment and management of any data security solution they might want to buy. Ensuring all their IT investments and digital change is deployed easily and securely.

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Compliance was such a nightmare for me and my security teams that we designed our solution from the ground up to make IT, Risk and Compliance less stressful. Cliff edge digital investment often unbudgeted together with bulk IT change was fraught. Often the very future of the business seemed to hang in the balance with me and my teams working our socks off only to be company pariahs.

Contracts and compliance standards that previously were Q&A based now required proof with clear evidence that our data networks were safe. Traditional solutions gave me all the insight but little help to fix, improve and evidence. Knowing about issues is very different from being able to quickly mitigate and evidence such. It was like trying to fill a bucket full of holes with new holes appearing faster than we can fill the ones we knew about.

Whilst many good component solutions existed, such was the complexity of IT environments that we could never achieve holistic oversight and compliance, let alone real-time remediation.

So Total Group set about gluing together all the best in class tools with a single pane of glass management interface. All the top data security and compliance tools available in a single platform.

Many companies still dream about achieving real-time insight. However what you need is real-time threat remediation. with issues discovered and fixed for you. We had a problem but its already fixed, makes for a much nicer Monday morning.

Our software worked so well for our own CTO and CISO teams that we now love to help other companies overcome their pain points.

We love being loved and seeing the relief when IT, Risk and Compliance teams get the outcomes they need.

Better, stronger, faster!


Nathan Stewart - CISO / DPO Author


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