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Better Business IT Support

Over 20 years of providing managed IT solutions with the individual care and attention of a local, family-owned business.

Why outsource your IT support to Total Group?

We'll worry about the technology - so that you can focus on your business. Our managed IT services cover a spectrum of technology solutions, including remote monitoring and management of your networks, real person help desk support for your team and business security and continuity solutions to ensure your company is protected and prepared for any possible disruption.

A Total Suite of IT Solutions

Cloud Services

A range of options from semi-cloud to full cloud computing.

IT Services

Fully managed IT services from hardware and software to project management.

Remote Working Solutions

Fast, secure access to shared documents.

IT Security

Tailor-made managed antivirus, firewall, and update management.


Managed backup and disaster recovery.

Find out how we can transform your IT

Whatever your IT requirements we can help.

FREE Network Audit

Uncover security risks and inefficiencies with an industry leading network audit tool.

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Want to discover how our IT solutions transform your business?

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Our success stories

Learn how our forward-thinking IT solutions have helped businesses overcome a wide range of challenges.

Hepburn Delaney Solicitors – Rising to a remote challenge

Discover how we helped this local law firm, who are known for their efficient service, by upgrading them to a proven cloud-based system.

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Find out how we can transform your IT

Whatever your IT requirements we can help.

Blog - Total Group's Resources

Our regular blog with insights to keep you in the know and up to date

When is the Time to Upgrade to a Managed Cloud Service?

The timing of business decisions is just as important as the reasoning and cost. You don't want to do it too early and waste money but doing it too late will boost errors and total costs. Here are five indicators that it may be time to upgrade to managed cloud services.

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What you need to know about Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is an additional layer of security that protects against unauthorised access to sensitive information. One of the most well-known uses of MFA is something you might do often; withdraw cash from an ATM.

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In-house vs outsourced IT Support

Are you struggling to decide whether to outsource your IT or keep it in-house? Is your business growing, and you think outsourcing could be an option? Maybe you have differing opinions from people within your organisation.

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