Cyber Security

Cybersecurity Services for Business: Protecting Your Future

 Cybersecurity Essentials for Growing Businesses

In the interconnected landscape of the modern business world, Cyber Security for Business is not just an optional layer of protection – it's a crucial safeguard.

Don’t put your business at risk; let Total Group shut the door and bolt it for you.

Whether you're a fledgling startup or a medium-sized organisation ensuring robust cybersecurity is more essential than ever.  Your size or financial health has no bearing on being targeted. Cybercrime is now automated and indiscriminate. 


The Critical Impact of Data Loss

How would a significant data loss affect your operations?

A startling fact: A high percentage of organisations that suffer significant data loss will struggle or even cease to trade within 18 months.


It's a daunting reality that emphasises the importance of Small to Medium Business Cyber Security. In today's digital age, cyber threats such as viruses, hacker attacks, and other malicious activities are inevitable. Yet, if your organisation connects to the internet – as almost all do – there's a chance that gaps exist in your defences, leaving your invaluable business data exposed.



The Importance of Collaborating with a Dedicated Cyber Security Services Company

Finding the right cybersecurity services company is essential to fortify your digital defences. Total Group is dedicated to protecting your irreplaceable business data, one of the single biggest challenges facing SMEs today.



Whether you're scaling from 25 to 100 users or beyond, we:

Analyse vulnerabilities and address potential gaps in your defence.

Provide timely updates on the ever-evolving threat landscape.

Offer training sessions to ensure your expanding team stays cyber-aware.


Key Cybersecurity Measures for SMEs

Total Group recognises the urgency of this digital age challenge. That's why we bolt cutting-edge security solutions onto our Fully Managed Services, guaranteeing a bulletproof tailored fit for your business.

From proactive threat monitoring to advanced authentication protocols and employee training, we equip businesses, no matter their size, with the tools and knowledge they need.


Proactive Threat Monitoring: A dedicated eye on potential vulnerabilities as your team grows.

Advanced Authentication Protocols: Safeguarding access to critical business assets.

Regular Employee Training: Equipping your team, with the knowledge to recognise and respond to threats.



Today's SMEs are on the frontline of digital opportunities and threats. With Total Group as your cybersecurity ally, you transform these challenges into robust defences.


Together, let's ensure your business thrives securely against the digital threats of today and tomorrow.

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